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Wordpress Web Security and Maintenance Joomla Platform Magneto Web Security and Maintenance HTML Web Security and Maintenance Drupal Platform Blogger Platform
Wordpress Web Security and Maintenance Joomla Platform Magneto Web Security and Maintenance HTML Web Security and Maintenance Drupal Platform Blogger Platform
We’re a full-service online security agency, specializing in high-end support for your website. Our passion is crafting long-term solutions for our clients.

We offer a reliable website security and maintenance packages to help you keep your site content fresh, your Website up-to-date, and your business moving forward.

Website security and maintenance with no more hassle!


Security service that protects your website against malware and hacker exploits


Maintenance services designed to keep your website updated and fully working.


Website Security Checks and Scans

Website security is incredibly important when it comes to keeping both your business and your users safe from viruses and malware. We provide the highest level of Website Security to protect your website.

Uptime Monitoring

Not only will we instantly notify you when your website is down, we will also work on getting your site back online as quickly as possible. Never again will you have the embarrassment of finding out from your customers that your website is down.

Blacklisting monitoring

We perform scheduled monitoring to make sure that your website has not been placed on any of the main website infection blacklists.

Website Maintenance & Plugin Updates

To ensure your website is secure and running smoothly and to keep it safe from hackers, we perform regular updates on a monthly and sometimes even daily basis. We make sure your website is never left out-of-date and vulnerable to cyber-attack.


We regularly back-up your website to an off-site cloud-based storage, which means if you were to ever lose all of your work, you would be able to revert back to one of the previous versions of your website.

Database Optimization

To increase your ranking on search engines and ensure visitors find your website user friendly, we reduce the risk of your databases becoming corrupted by performing regular database optimisations.
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Keep your website updated and fully working.
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Protect your website against malware and hackers.
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A massive thank you to the team at ProWeb Security and Maintenance.  We contacted them about a year ago now (then part of Complete IMS), our computer systems and server had been severely hacked and our business had basically been shut down. Our server company based in the US had blocked us and we were in a total panic. ProWeb Security and Maintenance were our saving grace and stepped into to remove viruses, put up the necessary firewalls and acted as liaison with our hosts in America to resolve this momentous task.

Going forward and to date, we set up a monthly security plan for them to look after our website security and it’s been the one of the best investments in our business.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to protect yourself against outside sources (even if you think you have the best anti-virus etc.). Their staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and their prices are very competitive.

I highly recommend Complete IMS and once again thank the Team for all your hard work to date.

Sarah Wilkins

(easy2 let Ltd) UK