Things that can go wrong with your WordPress website

Your WordPress site is your life. You are a serious blogger, an informal conversationist or a merchant purveyor of the finest something. Whichever the above category or whether there is another reason for your hard earned, newly learned WordPress site you must keep on top of the technology. WordPress is wonderful but not infallible. It has kinks in its armour and chinks in its chains. Below is a helpful list of the basic things that can trip up your online super world.


These are the lifeblood of any website. They are what make the pages fly off the screen and move and groove and impress. They are also tricky and constantly get in each other’s and your way. The imposition of needing to update seemingly everything all the time will need to be factored into your regular usage. The problems arise mainly when updating occurs or there are too many plugins vying for the finite space within the operating functions. It gets more layered when one realises there is a plugin to help control plugins.

Some plugins are straight from doom. They are designed to mess you around or plant malicious software onto your platform. Some are just badly designed and incompatible with many other plugins. Full-Page Caching plugins are a further layer of plugin despondency for you the master of ceremonies. In conclusion for this segment, plugins are common and repeatedly annoy you, join them, you cannot beat them.


Your beloved site is a cyber success. Readers from all over the world are feasting on the somethings you offer. But alas your site is a target for those who wish to steal and interrupt. Online outlaws with no other interest than your passwords and your visitor’s details. Your well-written prose helping to sell and inform is just sitting there waiting for vagabond types to infringe on. You may find yourself a victim of a plethora of nasties that infect you and all near you. This would be done for either profit or fun. Protect yourself for sure, a little effort now will save a lot of effort down the line.

Update compatibility

So, back to updates. The constant need to update and modernise your site and its functions will not go away. Unwanted hurdles are common. These hurdles are the result of old or now defunct plugins. Old being those non-updated or un-updateable plugins and the defunct being that the plugin designers have literally stopped and abandoned the plugin.

User Error

There are many reasons and many ways for your site to crash. It is both easy and hard to do this. There is or will be a time where your site crashes.  Why and how to avoid it in the future is your priority. For example simply putting ONE incorrect character or command in your wp-config.php file can implode the system, this will be followed by panicked FAQ hunting and social collective forums on how to deal with it.


To the end user, a crashed site will show a grey page with some tech writing and an error number. It also has a frowning face and empty spaces. This for the end user is a bye bye unless your site holds very specific information that certain people just need to get hold of, the end user or customer to you will just head back off to Mr Google and find another site with the same providence or products. This as a website owner makes your life miserable and for those in the merchant trade less profitable. It is, therefore, prudent to stay on top of your web hosting company and should your site crash have immediate access to customer service.  Server crashes occur for a multitude of reasons; excessive data usage or malfunctioning hardware not to mention technicians imputing incorrect formatting on the server.


Yes, this is a real word. It stems from javascript and CSS and the removal of unnecessary symbols ie: semicolons or lines from CSS coding. Therefore minimising the file size which is beneficial to the smooth operation of the site. You may find automatic minification happens without your knowledge, this is something that can cause problems which require investigations and time-consuming repairs. Your site needs to run smoothly but you’re doing below the skin still needs some meat to it or it will flounder.

Online store plugins

This brings you to the reverse proxy realm. Problems that stem from this are by and large disruptive and makes the site look amateurish. This is a problem that can lead to the wrong page displayed and a potential customer gone, with no time for others mistakes Mr Google will once again help a rival merchant with a new customer.

The WordPress world is deep, even though it is also a usable and easy interface, underlying that ease is a very distinct and complex and fragile coding DNA that will not allow mistakes. Your WordPress adventure will delight you and surprise you, but you must accept its issues and learn to love its cracks and bends.