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Has your website been hacked? Not sure? Or you might just need an update? Let us handle this for you right away.

Has your website been hacked? We can fix it right now and stop it happening again!

ProWeb Security provides fast, responsive website recovery services for all types of websites (WordPress, Joomla, Ghost, Drupal, just to name few….). We fix hacked websites, clean them of malware and protect you for the future.

We can have you up and running in just a few hours. Select one of the options below.

We are online experts. A collective of developers, coders and content publishers. We have the skills and experience to remove all kinds of malware from hacked websites. We can also recover as much of the website as we can and protect it from any more hacks in the future. All for a very competitive price!




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Assess the damage to your website.
Provide a report on what malware was used and how it was injected.
Remove the malware and unwanted code from your site.
Remove your site from being blacklisted by Google, Bing, McAfee etc.
Provide money back guarantee and robust security solutions for 3 months afterwards




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We will fix your website for FREE
Weekly Website Core Update
Weekly Site Reviews
Weekly Full Off-site Backups
Weekly Database Cleanup & Optimisation
Weekly Spam Comment Cleanup
Discounted Add-on Hours
Monthly Reporting
Weekly Security Scan
Weekly Broken Link Scan
Full restore/fix of your website in case of corruption (from latest Backup)
Weekly Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring
Biweekly File Scanning
Weekly Security Alerts
DDoS Protection
Brute Force Attacks Protection
Hosting shut downs solved
Strong Password Enforcement
*Minimum 6 months plan

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