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Website Backups – Website Updates – Website Optimisation

Maintain to prevent disaster. Sign up to a great website maintenance service plan and never worry about any more updates and security. Get all of the absolute, mandatory tasks that any website owner needs.

For a website to attract visitors, it is important that it is fast, efficient, and performance oriented. To maintain a SEO friendly website, a fair amount of maintenance is required on an ongoing basis. The content on the website may be just great, but you are not going to keep up the traffic to it unless it works like a finely tuned machine.


Core & Plugin Updates


Theme Updates


Layout Edits


Content Edits and Updates


Adding Posts and Copywriting




Scheduled backups


WooCommerce customisation


Webform Configurations

What can happen if your website isn’t maintained?

There are many compelling reasons why your website should be regularly maintained. A business website is a living, breathing thing. It needs to grow, to thrive, to respond to stimulus and provide a means for your customers to engage with you. Designing and launching a website is just the beginning!

We regard website maintenance as essential for these four reasons:
1. Site security
2. Fresh content
3. Performance boost
4. The means to stay ahead of the competition

Site security

Website maintenance includes checking for security updates, checking for malicious code, taking backups and doing everything we can to keep your site online and secure. Reputations rarely survive a website hack!

Fresh content
Fresh content not only engages your audience, it also helps you climb the search engine results. Google, Bing, Yahoo and others all love fresh content and reward regularly updated websites with that all important higher position.

Performance boost
WordPress is being constantly developed to improve the user experience and to speed up the platform. The same for any plugins and themes you might use. Regular maintenance ensures you are always using the latest, fastest version of WordPress and its themes and plugins.

The means to stay ahead of the competition
Trends and tastes change. A web design can quickly show its age, products and services go out of fashion and expectations are always evolving. Regular site maintenance can make small changes that lead to big improvements.

Lock - Website Security
Letter - Fresh Content
Performance Boost
Website Maintenance - Updates


Always know what you’ll pay.




Perfect for WordPress
Websites of all size.

Maintenance Package +
Biweekly security scan
Full restore/fix of your website in case of corruption (from latest backup)
Biweekly search engine blacklist monitoring
Biweekly files scanning
Biweekly security alerts
DDoS protection
Brute force attacks protection
Hosting shut downs solved
Strong password enforcement
Discounted option for weekly backups (above included monthly backup)

Additionally: Free SSL certificate installation (certificate needs to be ordered separately)




A beautiful simple small
WordPress Website solution.

Website Monthly website core update
As needed plugins update
As needed theme update
Monthly site reviews (maintaining your website free of any technical issues - assurance it always works correctly)
Monthly broken links scanning & maintenance (internal, external, images)
Monthly full off-site secure backup
Monthly database cleanup & optimisation
Monthly spam comment cleanup
Discounted add-on hours
Monthly report




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