Here are some questions that we get asked frequently

How can I tell whether I need monthly support?

Everyone almost certainly needs monthly support. Even if you don’t have an active problem, we can provide a bit of extra help to make sure your website is at its best. We can also provide quick support for a single task.

Can I keep my current website hosting provider?

Yes, you do have the option of keeping your current hosting provider if that is what you want. However, using one of our partner hosting providers is the best way to further protect your investment in your website. We can recommend hosting providers in a variety of price ranges. We will help you find a secure, trustworthy hosting provider that fits your needs.

What information does prowebsecurity.co.za need about my website?

We need you to give us your logins for your website and web hosting details. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure how to give us that access. Start out by reaching up for our services. Then we will help you figure out how to give us access. Your security is our top priority. We only use the access provided to help keep your website safe.

What do I do if my website breaks when you update it?

We test that your website is fully working with each update. If, however, an update breaks your website, we restore if from your latest backup. We then find the problems that caused your website to break. If the break is due to an third party plugin, we will contact the plugin support for you and if there is no fix/upgrade from the plugin side, we then look for a way of replacing the plugin with a new one.

What happens if my site is hacked or gets flagged with a virus warning?

We will handle the issue quickly by scanning your website completely. We will remove all malware from your site. If we have backups stored, we will return your site to the most recent backup.

How do I request basic modifications?

Contact our support team by email: fix@ProWebSecurity.co.za or through our PRO Website Security Contact Us page.

How do I request more support or modifications?

Speak to us! a developer will take your project as soon as possible. Our Telephone: 084 993 6012 or Email: Fix@ProWebSecurity.co.za

Can I customise my package?

Of course, we understand that each website is different and might need specific services. Contact us to discuss exactly what we can offer you – contact@ProWebSecurity.co.za or call us on +27 (0)61 228 2712.

Am I required to commit to a contract?

No. We don’t trap you into a contract. You are free to cancel our service at any time, but we will strive to earn your trust month to month.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We offer 100% refund within the first 30 days. After the first 30 days refunds are calculated based on how much time is left in the month.

How can I pay for your services?

You can use any major credit cards as well as PayPal and PayFast. Once you sign up, your account will be automatically charged every month unless you cancel our services.

What if I want you to manage multiple sites for me?

We offer a discount for multiple sites. We also work with agencies. Contact us for more details about how we can meet your specific needs.

Do you work with agencies?

Yes, we do have agencies as customers. We offer them website maintenance and web design services.

Can I have you design or re-design a website for me?

Yes. We do offer website design and re-design services. Our website design and development company is www.CompleteIMS.co.za

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