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Updates – Maintenance – Backups – Security for your WordPress Website

Don’t spend your time worrying what would happened if you WordPress website went down!

If you put your heart and soul into building a website, the last thing you want to do is lose it. Whether your site is for a hobby, pleasure or your business, you want to protect what’s yours. The same way you protect your home from intruders, you need to do the same for your website.

Pro Web Security delivers robust WordPress security that won’t let you down. Combining advanced protection against hacking, malware injection and viruses, we deliver the security your website needs to thrive.

We deliver cutting-edge WordPress maintenance and security for your website, including:


WordPress Core Updates


WordPress Theme Updates


WordPress Plugins Updates


Secure Off-site Backups


WooCommerce Maintenance


Dedicated Team


Security Monitoring


Malware Removal


Speed Optimisation

Order your WordPress security package today for total peace of mind.

WordPress, powering the web

According to W3Techs.org, WordPress powers over 27% of the web with more than 500 new installations going live every day. That popularity makes WordPress a tempting target. The downside of using a platform as popular as WordPress is that if an exploit is found that works on one website, it will likely work on them all. That’s why robust, reliable WordPress security is so important!

Symptoms of a hacked WordPress installation can include:

  • Warnings appearing for your URL in browsers
  • Complaints from users about malware, antivirus warnings or redirection
  • Sudden drop in search engine rankings
  • Being blacklisted from the search engines
  • Your web host taking your site offline
  • Pages being redirected to Viagra websites or worse!
Provide WordPress Website Security - or your website could be hacked!
Avoid reputation damage!

Nobody wants to look bad in front of their audience and no business can afford the reputational damage that comes with a hacked website. Your reputation takes a hit and you lose the confidence of both your customers and the search engines. Years of hard work can go down the drain!

According to Google, thousands of infected or unsafe websites are detected every day. Don’t let yours be one of them!

Effective WordPress security, guaranteed!

We are so confident in our comprehensive WordPress security solution that we guarantee everything we do. We off a complete refund should anything happen within the first 30 days. No fuss, no argument, no problem.


Always know what you’ll pay.




A beautiful simple small
WordPress Website solution.

Website Monthly website core update
As needed plugins update
As needed theme update
Monthly site reviews (maintaining your website free of any technical issues - assurance it always works correctly)
Monthly broken links scanning & maintenance (internal, external, images)
Monthly full off-site secure backup
Monthly database cleanup & optimisation
Monthly spam comment cleanup
Discounted add-on hours
Monthly report




Perfect for WordPress
Websites of all size.

Maintenance Package +
Biweekly security scan
Full restore/fix of your website in case of corruption (from latest backup)
Biweekly search engine blacklist monitoring
Biweekly files scanning
Biweekly security alerts
DDoS protection
Brute force attacks protection
Hosting shut downs solved
Strong password enforcement
Discounted option for weekly backups (above included monthly backup)

Additionally: Free SSL certificate installation (certificate needs to be ordered separately)




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for any size WordPress Website

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